Mobility and stretching, the key to longevity?

A new study out of Duke University reveals how a simple resistance band can help you score big gains in mobility-the best predictor for a long, healthy life.

Mobility is the ability to move through space efficiently and without injury. Resistance bands are one of the cheapest tools available to increase your range of motion (ROM).  ROM is the measurement of how far you can bend your arm or leg in any direction.  It's that simple!

Mobility is one of the major components to a strong body composition and an active lifestyle. Plus, increased mobility can prevent injuries; meaning you will be less likely to get hurt while playing sports or working out at the gym. Mobility allows your flexibility to allow you to decrease your risk for injury and increase lean muscle mass throughout your body. 

Resistance bands used during workouts are great tools when it comes to increasing overall ROM. They're inexpensive, portable, compact, efficient and effective without requiring much coordination. Simply put on the resistance band and pull! Resistance bands are one of our favorite ways for increasing ROM because they can be used anywhere, anytime.

Exercises that only require a resistance band during workouts can be done in less than five minutes.

The following steps will help you with the process of increasing your overall ROM:

1) Get out your resistance bands. There are several different kinds and strengths so while it is important to select a range that fits your needs, it is also important to choose one that you feel comfortable with once placed on your body.

2) Set an appropriate time limit

3) Place the resistance band around the limb or joint you want to stretch

4) While holding onto each end of the band, create tension by pulling apart-but not as much as to where it's painful! Additionally, don't forget to keep your muscles active- As you age, your ROM decreases and so does your mobility. You are also more likely to be injured when you can't move through space efficiently. That's why increasing mobility is essential for preventing injury, improving athletic performance, and keeping you active as you age.

Research shows that an increase in mobility is the best predictor of a long and healthy life. In fact, increased ROM is even better than losing weight. People with a history of injury have shorter lifespans compared to their healthy-injury free counterparts even when they maintain a similar bodyweight throughout their lifespan. This study highlights the importance of resistance band training for people who want to live longer lives and prevent injuries at any age!

Duke University researchers studied 1,600 healthy men and women with an average age of 75. Results of the study showed that increased ROM was a more important predictor of mortality than bodyweight, cardiovascular fitness or any other factor.

Mobility is one of the easiest things you can do to decrease your risk for injury and increase lean muscle mass throughout your body! Start increasing your mobility today by visiting Ardor Athletic here

For more information on this study, please check out this website: [ARTICLE END]

"Resistance band training works well because it mimics real life motions as opposed to machines found at the gym." ~