Our Story


Define: Ardor
[ahr-der] |/ 'a:da/ noun

  1. Great warmth of feeling; passion; fervour;
  2. Intense devotion, eagerness, or enthusiasm;
  3. Extreme vigour or energy 

We started as two best mates who have long shared a passion for personal health and wellbeing and whose values have always aligned regarding the preservation and protection of the environment. Sustainable living has become a fundamental part of life and something that we believe should be practiced wherever possible to help preserve the future of our world. These colliding interests and ideologies inspired the foundation of Ardor Athletic.

We have always tried to lead active and healthy lifestyles and could often be found either at the gym or spending time with friends and family. However, 2020 changed all of that. The closing of businesses, restrictions on social gatherings and limits on time to exercise outside made us realise that these simple necessities were often taken for granted. Being unable to exercise or see our friends took a toll on us physically and mentally. We were left feeling uninspired and unmotivated and knew that something had to change dramatically. We decided that we wanted to help as many people as possible make this change too.

From this came Ardor Athletic; a fitness, training and lifestyle platform that we have created that offers versatile and sustainable training products that can be used any time, anywhere! We believe that everybody should have access to the tools and knowledge they need to unlock their best self, and that's where we come in.

With these tools, along with a base of exercise, fitness and training knowledge attained over many years, we want to help you kickstart your fitness journey and achieve your goals.

Using this platform and the community we have created, we also hope to spread the crucial importance of environmental preservation and protection, something we feel incredibly passionate about.

When our home of Australia fell victim to extreme bushfires through 2019 and 2020 (210 consecutive days), we could physically see the exponential impact that human activity was having on our planet and its precious ecosystems. With these events becoming more frequent worldwide, we decided to commit ourselves and Ardor Athletic to reducing our carbon footprint and helping restore forests all around the world through our various partnerships. To find out more about these initiatives and other sustainable projects we are currently supporting, visit our sustainability page.

We hope that we can inspire you to take those first steps to make a change and join you on your journey to achieve a healthier, happier you. Not just for yourself, but also the world. 

Welcome to Ardor Athletic.